Warrant Forgiveness 2020



     Bay City Municipal Court has declared the month of March

      Warrant Forgiveness Month!!

  • Individuals who have outstanding warrants for traffic violations and other Class C misdemeanors in the City of Bay City, we are offering warrant forgiveness.  In years past, Bay City Municipal Court has participated in Warrant Round Up and Warrant Resolution campaigns through Facebook.  This year we are taking a new approach to warrant resolution!!

Need a payment plan?

There are payment options available!!!!

Unable to pay?


  • For the month of March anyone with outstanding Class C warrants is encouraged to call or visit Bay City Municipal Court to take advantage of this opportunity.  Bay City Municipal Court is a safe harbor court, meaning, you CANNOT and WILL NOT be arrested for your Class C warrants if you come in to resolve them.  Our staff at Bay City Municipal Court wants the public to understand that we want to help you get out from under the burden of worrying about your outstanding warrants. 



  • There are alternative means to satisfy judgment upon determination of the Judge.  The Judge may be able to reduce your fine and costs or may allow you to complete community service to resolve all or part of your outstanding balance.
  • Taking action on your outstanding warrants will give you peace of mind from the worry of being arrested at home, at work, while driving or out with your children.  During Warrant Forgiveness month our court will work with you to resolve your warrants!!

How do you find out if you have outstanding warrants?

Call 979-245-0035 or visit www.cityofbaycity.org/departments/municipal-court/municipal-court to view our list of outstanding warrants. 

You may also visit www.municipalonlinepayments.com/baycitytx/court/search and enter your citation number, driver’s license number or social security number to see if you have outstanding warrants.

Our office hours are Monday thru Friday 7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

You may also reach us by email at: kplunkett@cityofbaycity.org

Please give us the opportunity to assist you in resolving your burdensome warrants by taking advantage of Warrant Forgiveness for the month of March 2020!!! Our capable clerks and staff are willing and ready to help you today!!