Financial Reports

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Financial Reports

The City of Bay City Finance Department is dedicated to excellence in local government, comprehensive fiscal management, compliance and reporting. The Quarterly and Monthly Report is used to provide our internal and external customers financial reporting with easy to read narratives regarding the City’s financial position. This report is comprised of three sections:

1. The Financial Overview reports the performance of the major operating funds of the City primarily in a narrative context. The fund descriptions are as follows:

  • The General Fund is the general operating fund of the City. It is used to account for all financial resources except those accounted for in other specific funds.  This fund includes all general tax revenues and other receipts that are not restricted by law or contractual agreement to some other fund.  General operating expenditures, fixed charges and capital improvement costs not paid through other funds are paid from this fund. 
  • The Public Utility Fund accounts for the operations costs to provide water and sewer services to the citizens of Bay City.
  • The Airport Fund is used to account for the operations of the Airport, and to account for the rent generated from its T-hangers and fuel sold.
  • The Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax Fund was established to directly enhance and promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry or other expenses as approved by State Law.

To view the Financial Reports, please visit the Transparency Program page.