Tax Entity Owned Properties for Sale

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Listing NumberMunicipalityAddressParcel NumberBrief Description
1Matagorda County
0 (2803) Park
50 feet by 140 feet
2Matagorda County
1009 B Duncan
4600924 feet by 350 feet
3Matagorda County
1011 Duncan
4601050 feet by 200 feet
4Matagorda County
1101 Harold
283140.275 acres; access to property is an issue
5Matagorda County
0 (1103) 1st
2442750 feet by 150 feet; access by private unpaved roadway in alley
6City of Bay City1103 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
24438Surplussed in 2018; has title issues
7City of Bay City
1106 3rd
24445Surplussed in 2018; has title issues
8City of Bay City
0 (114) Michael
3738170 feet by 113 feet; no road; owner would need to extend water and sewer
9City of Bay City
0 (118) Michael
3738070 feet by 93 feet; no road; owner would have to extend water and sewer to site during construction
10City of Bay City
1212 Duncan
4901175 feet by 150 feet
11Matagorda County
1215 Duncan
45942Front part only; 62 feet by 116 feet
12City of Bay City
1304A Austin
4592974.5 feet by 100 feet; access to lot by private easement on adjacent property
13Matagorda County1309 Avenue C
40513House and 50-foot-by-150-foot lot
14Matagorda County
1309 Basin4663450 feet by 120 feet
15City of Bay City
1420 Avenue B2454475 feet by 50 feet
16Matagorda County
1507 Grace40474Building on 50 feet by 75 feet (half lot only)
17City of Bay City
2504 Avenue D2489725 feet by 150 feet
18City of Bay City
2600 Block A2442950 feet by 150 feet; water would have to be extended to lot; access to property by unpaved alley (not City maintained)
19Matagorda County
2617 Avenue B2467550 feet by 150 feet
20Matagorda County
2712 Avenue D2492150 feet by 150 feet
21City of Bay City
2717 Park4348750 feet by 150 feet
22Matagorda County
2801 Park4366150 feet by 140 feet
23City of Bay City
2901 Sims4362550 feet by 140 feet
24Matagorda County
2908 Sims4360150 feet by 140 feet
25Matagorda County
2909 LeTulle4359550 feet by 140 feet
26Matagorda County
2909 Sims4362350 feet by 140 feet
27Matagorda County
2910 Moore4365050 feet by 140 feet
28Matagorda County
2916 Park4363150 feet by 140 feet
29Matagorda County
2919 Avenue C4077850 feet by 150 feet
30Matagorda County
2920 Sims4360450 feet by 140 feet
31Matagorda County
3021 Avenue C12363 and 1236440 feet by 130 feet and 35 feet by 130 feet
32City of Bay City
3025 Avenue A4595150 feet by 104 feet
33Matagorda County
3105 Avenue A4595658 feet by 104 feet
34Matagorda County
3115 Moore4598850 feet by 102 feet
35City of Bay City
3211 Avenue D45596100 feet by 114 feet
36City of Bay City
3214 Avenue D4660650 feet by 114 feet
37Matagorda County
3224 Moore4091350 feet by 120 feet
38Matagorda County
3305 Avenue D4659850 feet by 114 feet
39Matagorda County
4500 Nichols (Rear)12513Two acres; access property through adjacent tracts - not sure which tract
40Matagorda County
601 Matthews43543Triangle; 50-foot frontage and 50 feet deep
41Matagorda County
605 Matthews4354437 feet by 87 feet; adjacent to 601 Matthews
42Matagorda County
802 Duncan4096948 feet by 304 feet
43Matagorda County
805 Duncan4605350 feet by 100 feet
44Matagorda County
901 Duncan4603450 feet by 125 feet; access property through adjacent tracts - not sure which tract
45City of Bay City
903 2nd43440Possible City surplus property
46Matagorda County
909 Whitson4095784 feet by 120 feet; access through adjacent property
47Matagorda County
912A Duncan40942143 feet by 152 feet
48City of Bay City
919 Whitson4094660 feet by 64 feet; access through adjacent tracts - unsure which tract