Recycling Center

Accepted Materials

The Recycling Centers accepts:

  • Cardboard
  • Motor Oil
  • Plastics (Bottles Only), Number 1 and 2
  • Paper and Magazines
  • Used Cooking Oil

The City also maintains a brush site on the northeast side of town off of Skelly Road, where citizens can dispose of brush and tree limbs free of charge.



Cooking Oil Recycling Program

Once you bring the recycled oil to the Recycling Center, a City employee will transfer the oil to a larger container for storage. When the large container is full, a vendor will pick up the oil and take it to another facility where it will either be converted to biodiesel or used in making pet food.

City crews respond to numerous calls each week regarding clogged sewer pipes. By collecting used cooking oil the City will realize cost savings by keeping the oil and grease out of the sewer system and waterways.

Types of Cooking Oil Accepted

Any used cooking oil or grease is acceptable, such as vegetable oil, canola oil, hamburger and bacon grease, etc. Some oils are not acceptable, such as butter, lard, margarine, and shortening.

To keep your used grease clean and fresh, please use a strainer to remove the food particles as you pour it into a clean container. Food particles can cause the grease to spoil and limit the options for recycling.

Steps to Recycling Cooking Oil

  1. Cool It: Caution! It’s hot! Always cool down your cooking oil and grease in the fryer or pan before collecting.
  2. Store It: After letting the oil cool, it should be poured into a clean plastic container. The oil’s original container or a plastic peanut butter jar both work well. Straining the oil to keep food particles out will help prevent mold in the oil.
  3. Recycle It: Bring the plastic container with oil to the City’s Recycling Center at 1702 Avenue K.