Report Fraud

Identity Theft, Credit Card Abuse & Forgery

Victims of Identity Theft, Credit Card Abuse, or Forgery should first stop by the Bay City Police Department or call 979-245-8500 in order to file an official police report.

Victims of fraud will be given a Fraud Affidavit (PDF). The Bay City Police Department developed the Fraud Affidavit in order to help properly document criminal offenses of Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information (Identity Theft), Credit Card Abuse and Forgery. The form will assist investigators in the collection of useful information that will be necessary in order to properly investigate alleged fraud offenses. The instructions for completing the affidavit are included in the document. The document must be notarized and returned to the Police Department within 14 days after filing an official police report.

If you have any questions regarding your report or the filing of this affidavit, please contact the Bay City Police Department at 979-245-8500. Please note that fraud cases cannot be investigated without a completed Fraud Affidavit (PDF) and an official report being filed.