Entering a Plea

Upon receipt of a citation, you must enter a plea:

  • Not Guilty
  • Nolo Contendere/No Contest
  • Guilty

You must enter a plea within 12 business days of the date your citation was issued. You must select a plea on each violation that you have been charged with by requesting a plea form at the clerk’s window. Please be advised, only the person who received the citation can sign the plea form. Your plea can be made either in person or by mail.

Not Guilty

A plea of Not Guilty means that you are informing the Court that you deny guilt or that you have a good defense for your case. When you enter a plea of Not Guilty to a charge, you will receive a date to appear.

Nolo Contendere / No Contest

A plea of Nolo Contendere or "No Contest" means that you do not contest the charge(s) against you. A plea of Nolo Contendere cannot be used against you in the event of a subsequent civil suit for damages. When you enter a "No Contest" plea, you must pay the fine specified for the charge against you. You may mail your payment to the Court or bring it in person.


It is necessary to understand that the accused has the right to a jury trial, but by entering a plea of Guilty, the accused waives that right and agrees to pay the fine and costs that the judge assesses.