Finance Department

The Department of Finance is responsible for the supervision of the receipt and disbursement of all City money, controlling all expenditures to ensure budget appropriations are not exceeded, and providing information concerning the current state of City finances to all City officials and the public.

The Finance Director is responsible for:

  • All monies belonging to or under the control of the City or any of its offices, departments or agencies, and promptly depositing them into the Council designated depository
  • Overseeing the entire budget process for the City
  • Approval of all bills, invoices, payrolls, utility expenses, other claims demands, or charges against the City before payment; after this is completed, the Treasurer submits these claims to Council for review and approval
  • Investment of all funds as authorized by State law
  • Having custody of such fund investments, and additionally, bonds, notes, warrants, depreciation reserves, and funds in the City’s possession
  • Maintaining proper accounting procedures for the City government and each of its offices, departments, and agencies
  • Overseeing purchasing procedures

The Finance Department will be glad to assist the public with any questions they may have regarding the financial concerns of the City.