Municipal Elections


Section 6.01. - Elections

The City Council, by ordinance, shall order all elections and set the date, polling place, hours, and any other necessary details. Notice of elections shall be published in the official newspaper of the City not less than thirty days before each regular election and not less than ten days prior to any run-off election.

Section 6.02. - Regulation of Election

(a) Elections shall be held in compliance with the State Election Code, this Charter, and City ordinance.

(b) The Council shall appoint the election judges and other election officials.

(c) Voting Precincts - City elections shall be held at the voting place designated in the ordinance calling an election. When the total number of qualified voters justifies it, Council may subdivide the City into two or more convenient, well-defined voting precincts containing approximately the same number of qualified voters in each. The qualified voters actually residing in such a voting precinct shall vote in that precinct in all City elections.

Section 6.03. - How to Get Name on Ballot

Any qualified voter of the City who meets the qualifications of a mayoral candidate (Section 3.02) or a city council candidate (Section 4.02) may have his or her name printed upon the official ballot for a particular office at any election by:

(a) Filing his sworn application and loyalty affidavit with the City Secretary at least forty-five days prior to the election.

(b) Simultaneously with the application, a Council-member candidate shall file a petition signed by 150 qualified voters residing in the City and endorsing the candidate or provide a cash filing fee of $150. A Mayoral candidate shall file a petition signed by 300 qualified voters residing in the City and endorsing the candidate or provide a $300 cash filing fee.

Section 6.04. - Mayor & Council-Member Ballots

The names of all candidates for the office of Mayor or Council-member (except such as may have withdrawn, died, or become ineligible) shall be printed on the official ballot without political party designations. The order of the names of candidates for places on the ballot shall be determined by lot.

Section 6.05. - Election of Mayor & Council-Member by Majority

The regular, run-off, or special election of a Mayor and/or Council-member shall be by majority vote of the qualified voters voting at such election.

Section 6.06. - Canvassing Election Returns

Immediately after each election, the election officials shall deliver all original returns to the City Secretary for safekeeping. The Council shall canvass the returns and declare results of the election in the time period prescribed by state law.

Section 6.07. - Recount

The Council shall canvass any recount as soon as possible after receiving the Recount Commission report and declare results of the recount.

Section 6.08. - Induction of Council into Office, Meeting of Council

At the first regular Council meeting in June, or as soon thereafter as practicable, the newly elected Mayor and/or Councilmembers shall take the oath of office, assume their respective duties, and be issued certificates of office.

Section 6.09. - Council to Be Judge of Election Qualifications

(a) The Council shall be the judge of the election and qualifications of its own members and the Mayor; and for such purposes, shall have power to subpoena witnesses and require the production of records. The decision of the Council shall be subject to judicial review in the proper court.

(b) No informalities in conducting a City election shall invalidate it, if the election is conducted fairly and in substantial compliance with applicable State law, this Charter, and City ordinances.