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Community Development

Bay City Regional Airport (BYY) serves as a gateway to Bay City and surrounding communities, providing needed services and accessibility to connections within the state, nation and world. Developers, local business executives and new visitors utilize the airport frequently. This in turns lends to the vision of Bay City’s economy development by shopping, visiting attractions, eating at local restaurants and staying at Bay City accommodations.

Quality of Life

Bay City Regional Airport provides vital transportation services to Bay City. Aviation plays a crucial role in business, tourism, emergency services, agriculture, and even public safety. Bay City Regional Airport serves an essential role in the overall economy and quality of life of the city and surrounding areas. Bay City Regional Airport is also the staging point for all relief supplies in the event of a natural and/or man-made disaster.

Local Services

Enterprise Car Rental

Bay City, Texas
Phone: 979-244-0200
Listen to the message and press 4 for the local office.

Jitney Taxi & Delivery Service

Bay City, Texas
Phone: 979-245-5500

  1. Hotels
  2. Restaurants
  3. Luxury / Limo Car Service

There are more than 18 Bay City hotels within ten miles of BYY.