Customer Service
Customer Service Department
City of Bay City 
1901 5th St. 
Bay City, Texas 77414
(979) 245-2322

Bay City's customer service initiative was implemented in May 1996 to empower all employees to make local government more "user friendly". We are committed to providing service that is responsive, cost-effective, and meets the needs of those we serve. Service to the community is our foremost purpose.

The Customer Service Representative is a communication link between City employees and citizens of Bay City. Customer Service is available to assist citizens in the areas of municipal services.

Customer Service strives to be:
  • A resource for citizens who do not know where or whom to call.
  • Convenience and extra assistance for complex issues.
  • A clearinghouse of information.
  • Questions and/or comments about these services may be directed to the Customer Service Representative 

We encourage you to use our "Fix It" Form for prompt and accurate service.

The City's overall goal is to produce a City that WORKS SMARTER, PERFORMS BETTER AND COSTS LESS.

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