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The Goals of the Bay City Community Development Corporation are to:

  • Create and retain jobs by recruiting business and industry, expanding international markets for local businesses, and promoting a competitive tax abatement policy for existing and new business enterprises.
  • Provide assistance towards Bay City downtown square revitalization and community beautification.
  • Provide assistance in training the local work force for jobs and BCCDC Board development.
  • Coordinate efforts with community organizations and projects in achieving similar results benefiting Bay City by implementing a need assessment.
  • Support tourism development efforts in Bay City and the surrounding area.
  • Provide assistance in developing and/or enhancing water, wastewater and street infrastructure, aviation/ transportation and housing needs in Bay City.
  • Provide financial incentives and/or assist in promoting financial resources for businesses in Bay City.
  • Support the development of recreational opportunities for all citizens of Bay City.
  • Study the feasibility of developing an industrial park for Bay City.

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