Code Enforcement
The Building Department has a Code Compliance Officer who enforces various city codes regarding trash, debris, junk vehicles and signs in an effort to ensure a safe and sanitary environment. We encourage the community to inform us of concerns they might have about a particular location. If you wish to report a violation, please feel free to contact us at (979) 245-0997.

Residents are required to maintain their property in a clean and sanitary condition. Violations identified on the premises might include trash, garbage, furniture, appliances, tires, tree limbs and other materials not suited to outdoor use.

The property owner or occupant is also responsible for maintaining the property. Garbage should be securely closed in a bag before placement into the container as to lessen the chance of it becoming scattered or blown away before or during collection.

Junk Vehicles
Motor vehicles that are (1) inoperable, (2) do not have lawfully affixed to them either an current license plate or valid safety inspection certificate, (3) that are wrecked, dismantled or partially dismantled or (4) that have remained inoperable for more than 45 consecutive days are considered "junked vehicles." It is not permitted for a junked vehicle to be placed or to remain on any private property viewable from a public place. Violators are issued either an orange notice attached to the car or a certified letter in the mail instructing them to remove the vehicle within 10 days of notice. Failure to remove the vehicle will result in the city making arrangements to have it towed and the owner will not receive the vehicle back. The Code Compliance Officer investigates junked motor vehicles parked on private property, while junked motor vehicles parked on public property (streets, sidewalks and alleys) are investigated by the Police Department.

Sign Ordinance
It is a violation of the City code to post any signs on a utility pole, tree, or the City right-of-way. If you are having a garage sale, a sign advertising the sale can only be placed on the property where the sale is occurring, not on utility poles.

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Methods
Visit the TNRCC web site for more information on how to properly dispose of your antifreeze, used oils, paints, pesticides, and other chemicals at:  

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