Bay City Matagorda United Plan
Bay City – Matagorda UNITED Plan
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BC-MU Committees:
Tourism Infrastructure 

  • Develop central information kiosk for tourism information 
  • Develop additional events to attract visitors 
  • Develop unified county-wide tourism information signage 
  • Develop vacation packages 
  • Advance county promotional campaign

Community & Retail Development

  • Develop information resource for retail dev. 
  • Encourage local retail development 
  • Encourage community clean-up and beautification

Business Infrastructure 

  • Begin developing GIS for business recruitment 
  • Develop county-wide broadband access 
  • Industrial park development & recruit industry 
  • Housing and subdivision development

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D. C. Dunham
Bay City Community Development Corporation
Phone: 979-245-8081
Fax: 979-323-1642

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