Utility Operations
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1217 Avenue J
Bay City, Texas
(979) 323-1659

Consumer Confidence Report 2012

The Water Operations Division maintains and constructs City water and wastewater mains. This area is responsible for reading water meters, turning water on and off for new, transferring, and/or departing residents, as well as turning water off for non-payment. The Water Operations Division maintains and examines all city mains as needed. Among other duties, this division sets water meters for new customers, responds to service requests, and repairs water leaks.

New laws require all contractors to notify all utilities 48 hours prior to excavating a site. This division is responsible for water and sewer line locates. This helps ensure uninterrupted service for our customers and reduces the number of emergency repairs required due to contractor caused leaks.

This division reads and maintains water meters and provides the Utility Billing Division with monthly billing information. Water meters are read monthly by the City's meter readers. Each meter has a six month history that is continually updated when the meters are read. It is our goal to provide the citizens of Bay City with the best service possible.

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