Building Department
Building Department
City of Bay City
1217 Ave J
Bay City, Texas, 77414
(979) 245-0997
(979) 323-1672 Fax

For building, state electrical, plumbing & mechanical contractors, junk yard operators and mobile home parks.

Chief Building Inspector's Mission - To maintain the health, safety and general welfare of homes and businesses by obtaining compliance with City codes and ordinances through public awareness, education and steadfast vigilance.

Code Enforcement is one of the primary responsibilities of this department. In addition to the areas for which permits are issued, additional codes are enforced, i.e.; housing, littering, substandard buildings, drainage easement obstruction, right of way obstruction, and junk vehicles.

 Marty Godley
Marty Godley
Code Enforcement Officer                      

Cindi Bridwell/Kathy Rawlings/
Alyson Mitchell/ Krystal Mason
Administrative Assistants

Building Department Forms

 Permits Issued  Fees
 Building Structure & Mechanical  Based on cost of job
 Electrical, Plumbing & Gas  Based on items installed
 Mobile Home  Parking fee $50.00
 Permit Assignment  $10.00
 Recreational Vehicle  $10.00
 Complaints  No charge
 Sign Installation or Sign Use  Based on cost of job
 Demolition  $50.00
 Tap Termination Fee  $75.00
 Moving of any building or structure  $100.00
 Occupancy Permits  (Business/Mobile Home)                                $20.00

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